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As we all try and kickstart ourselves back into that much needed routine, what plans do you have for your home this year?

Whether you are on a budget or not, even the smallest of changes or additions to your home can reinvent some interest and colour without breaking the bank.

These are the interior colour trends we will see more of this year from Dulux - what do you think?

Are you a blue person, grey or green? As much as I love the variety of colours created today, green does it for me. Such a warm and earthy colour, it's difficult not to feel cosy with it around you. Some of you are brave and bold and take a strong colour on all walls in a room, while the more reserved among us might only be willing to paint a statement wall. Whatever your style, whatever you choose, it's always down to personal preference and style. Let the trends inspire you and stir your imagination and then add your own style and do what you like. There's no right or wrong way to decorate your home.

We're also being told that to enhance our homes this 2017 with accessories and furniture, the key items include:

  • copper and metals as a whole,
  • marble,
  • metallics,
  • subway tiles,
  • terracotta,
  • fabric headboards and
  • cork feature walls (my sister had this in her bedroom back in the '80s). 






(all images via Pinterest)

Whatever colour and style inspires you, enjoy the new ideas and colour palettes and don't forget to add your own personal touch.

Happy decorating!

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