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Morning everyone!

As I sit here waiting for paint to dry on my current project, I thought I'd let you know how I completed this hanging wicker chair.

A lovely lady in Co Dublin owns this chair that hangs from a metal frame in her open plan kitchen/diner.  The natural brown of the wicker no longer fits in with her colour scheme. So, instead of getting rid of a perfectly good piece of furniture, we can match it to her colour scheme.


Given the nature of this piece, cleaning and sanding it would not be straight forward. The cleaning was managed with a brush, but sanding wasn't an option. Therefore, this was definitely going to be a job for Zinsser BIN. Although primarily a stain blocking primer, it has great adhesion properties, so doesn't need sanding beforehand.

Zinsser BIN is white in colour, but my local hardware store can tint it. So, as my client wanted Farrow & Ball Charleston Grey for the finish, I was able to add this colour to my primer.

I applied my tinted BIN by hand using a round, chalk paint brush so that I could push and stab paint into the grooves and recesses. BIN dries really quickly, so I could do inside and outside in one go.  Then I followed up with the F&B colour in Eggshell, again by hand. As this takes a min of 2 hours to dry my work was done for the day.

BIN application

The following day I applied the eggshell using my sprayer this time. This is quicker to do, but you have to be careful not to overspray which will create drips. It was certainly quicker for getting into the difficult places to reach. Again leaving it overnight for thorough drying.

Upon closer inspection the next day there were a few areas in the weave that had little coverage, so this was rectified by using a smaller, artists brush. Then it was all finished. Two to three weeks of gentle use for curing purposes and it's like a new piece of furniture again. Insert a comfy cushion and it's a little relaxing nook for a cuppa and a quick read.

full view w:logo


   side w:logo       Wicker Chair side 2  

I hope you found this useful. Happy painting! 


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