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Fusion Mineral Paint

And why Revamped is the first to stock it in Ireland

There are lots of great craft and furniture paints on the market these days, so what's so special about Fusion Mineral Paint you ask?

For those of you who may be new to upcycling and learning about paint, what do the above key points mean exactly:

  1. Zero VOC - VOCs are Volatile Organic Compounds which are basically chemicals within the paint. These chemicals release vapours into the air as they dry. Some are harmful and some are not. Today, the majority of paint companies achieve very low VOC products. Fusion Mineral Paint has zero. Safe for you to use indoors, around children and on children's furniture.
  2. Exceptional Coverage - Yes, tried and tested here at Revamped. The majority of colours may only require one coat or a very thin second coat. (Whites and off-whites may require a third coat as is normal with whites). If painting whites over a dark base, a coat of white or grey primer is an ideal alternative to save paint.
  3. Minimal Prep - There is no such thing as no prep for paint - even if it's just a thorough clean before your first coat. Revamped can advise you on specifics depending on the item in question being painted, i.e. types of wood that bleed etc.
  4. No Top Coat Required - believe or not, that's true. Fusion Mineral Paint has a built in resin (not wax) that means that the paint is self-sealing, self-levelling and waterproof. Goodbye to the days of waxing or varnishing to seal your furniture. (However, decorative waxes, glazes and more are also available to satisfy your creative side). Fusion Mineral Paint is also suitable for exterior items, such as garden furniture, window boxes, plant pots and front doors. It is UV and water resistant and, therefore, will withstand hot summers and cold winters.
  5. Easy to Apply - it goes on like butter. Fusion Mineral Paint doesn't thicken over time and there is no chalky residue clogging up and falling back into your pot. 
  6. Smooth Matte Finish - left as it is Fusion cures with a matte finish. However, if you do prefer a slight sheen or gloss to your paint work then a water-based varnish can be applied.

Is there anything that this paint cannot do? Well, it doesn't do the washing and cooking! 

In addition to the colour palette and metallic range you see above, there are many other prep and finishing products available. 

Please don't hesitate to get in touch for more information or keep an eye on our Facebook page for regular updates and product usage.

Happy painting!